Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Practice management stuff -The Opera Browser

Bob Ambrogi reviews the Opera Browser. Opera always intrigued and I almost tried it out when Netscape Communicator started to die. Right now I am content with Firefox but I am tempted by this part of Ambrogi's review:

Like the latest versions of IE and Firefox, Opera comes with a built-in RSS feed reader. Unlike the other two, it comes with a highly functional e-mail program and newsgroup reader that, once again, is simply more clever than others. Rather than organize messages in files, Opera's e-mail program organizes them in "views." These views can have familiar names such as "received" and "unread" or can be customized, but they are actually hyperlinks embedded in messages. This means that you can assign a single message to multiple views without having to move or copy the message.
I use Yahoo Mail and I really do not like it. I used Eudora from when I first went online till I left for Indianapolis. I miss Eudora. When I did not use Eudora, I used Netscape's integrated e-mail client. Firefox does not do e-mail but there is a sister product which is an e-mail client. That is Thunderbird. I downloaded Thunderbird but have not found the time to get it working properly with Yahoo Mail. When I get caught up with a few other things....

With so much of our practices dependent on the internet, we need to be smart about choosing our browsers.