Saturday, March 24, 2007

What Lawyers Do - More on Knowledge Management and Fees

Practicing law means more than juggling forms. If you really want to know what lawyers do, read this post on knowledge management and contracts. Especially read Ed Poll's comment. This paragraph from Mr. Poll captures my approach to automating my practice and practicing law:
We still remain, however, with the mentality that it’s too easy to use an exemplar without “thinking” whether this applies “on all fours” to our current matter. Isn’t that why we went to law school: To learn how to think? It’s just too easy for the laziest amongst us to say that because it’s in print, it must be right for this matter as well.
For those who want to do their own legal work, think what it means for you. It is not enough to just grab a form but know to what do with the form. The process takes time but it is worth the effort to make sure that the documents prepared for the clients are the right ones.