Saturday, April 7, 2007

Buying a used car in Indiana

So the used the car you bought went kaput after you drove off the car lot? Nine times out of ten you are too late, so here are a few tips when shopping for a used care.

  1. Have the car looked at by a mechanic, and not one employed by the car dealer.
  2. Remember that, generally, Indiana's Lemon Law does not apply to older used cars.
  3. Because of #2, find out if you can buy a warranty and what the warranty covers.
  4. If you do not buy a warranty, then you bought the car "As is" and that means just it says: you buy the car with all the problems and defects that you do not find out about until you paid over your money.
  5. Buy from a dealer you trust and that trust is based on experience.
I have another list if you did not do 1 or 3 above.
  1. You cannot just return the car within three days. See my post here on that subject.
  2. If the dealer tries to repair the automobile and does not repair properly, then you can take them to Small Claims court. I tried one of these cases years ago and it was not a pretty sight. Unless the vehicle has high value, these cases cost too much to litigate properly. The question is whether the mechanic did the work in a workmanlike fashion. You will need to pay for a mechanic to examine the vehicle and then to testify about how the dealer's mechanic screwed up.