Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Follow up: Ivy Tech and Open Door Law

From today's Muncie Star-Press:

Ivy Tech Board to revisit hiring vote

INDIANAPOLIS — Ivy Tech Community College’s board will again take up its decision to hire an Anderson businessman as president after the state’s public access counselor determined the board acted illegally, the board said Monday.

Vice Chairman Jesse Brand said Ivy Tech Community College disagrees with Karen Davis’ ruling but will discuss the issue publicly as a board.

“We respect her position, so we’re going to, both at her and our counsel’s advice, have a discussion on the agenda,” Brand said. “As far as I know, there are no limits of what course that discussion might take.”

Davis determined last week that two votes in a closed-door executive session violated state law. She also said that the board probably broke the law by deliberating in private, although she said case law isn’t as clear-cut on that issue.

Although the board will discuss the matter again at its April 19 meeting in French Lick, Brand said he believes the board will not change its mind in hiring Thomas J. Snyder as Ivy Tech president.
As mentioned later in this article, revisiting the vote lessens the chance of litigation. Well, if the law cannot prevent those operating under the Open Door Law from breaking the law, then the law can be used to embarrass them into correcting the breach.

I am a bit surprised that Advance Indiana has not posted on this by now but that blog is taking a close look at the defeat of the hate crimes bill.