Saturday, May 19, 2007

Fiddling about

I changed the look of the blog a bit todayl. I have been thinking that the blog looked a bit drab and also a bit hard to read. If anyone cares to leave a comment about the looks now, I would appreciate the feedback. I would like to think that the information I am providing is helpful but I also want to make the reading of this blog a pleasant experience.

For my reader's convenience I added to the sidebar a link for subscribing to the blog's RSS feed. You can now add this blog to an RSS reader. If you are using FireFox or Internet Explorer 7 you should have a built in RSS reader. You might also see this referred to as a news aggregator or news reader. This is a really interesting and truly useful tool. You subscribe to a blog and the news reader shows you the headlines at the blog instead of having to go to that blog to see what is there. It means you can choose to read what is interesting to you instead of reading the whole blog. Here is a link to the Wikipedia article on news aggregators and RSS.

Along with the RSS subscription service, there is also an e-mail subscription service on the sidebar to the left of this post and down. This means you get an a-mail letting you know when there is something new on the blog.

I do hope this make this blog more useful to you, my readers.