Saturday, May 26, 2007

Get a lawyer to do it for you: Reason 1001

Fighting bronchitis has left me grumpy. I say that as an apology for what may appear to be a rant.

Lawyers exist for a reason. I say it is so real people can have real lives and not spend those lives in courthouses. Seriously, we know what are doing and that is the reason you should forget about doing something yourself. I no longer try to do anything mechanical with my car, I do not do plumbing, and I do not do whatever you, dear reader, do to make a living. I know the level of and range of my incompetencies. So why are you trying to practice law without a lawyer?

For a wonderfully written story of how two nice people screwed themselves in a bankruptcy, please read What Not to Do Before Bankruptcy. I see their blithe self-assurance in all sorts of clients in all sorts of cases. Think of any legal matter like jumping off a cliff. Or a tall building. Now think of lawyers as a bungee cord. Now think about how you would like jumping off this tall building without a bungee cord.

Thanks to the SC Bankruptcy and Consumer Law Blog for the link to the article above. Not read it, yet? You really should.