Saturday, May 26, 2007

Helping your business with Internet resources

How can the Internet help your business? Information exists freely online that once was too expensive in time or money or both for practical use. This information may provide the competitive edge for your business or the means of avoiding dangerous costs - if you know about the information. The problem is now fighting information overload.

You can now find here links to those business resources I find useful. These post wills now be an ongoing weekly feature for this blog, so check back often or subscribe to the RSS feed or to the e-mail updates. I suggest that you help by using the Comment function at the bottom of the posts to let me know if you find this information useful or not, and also for any recommendations or requests about business resources.

So why am I passing along this information for free? Am I being a spendthrift with my knowledge? Is the information really worth something?

I freely admit my self-interest here. First, giving you this information educates you on the subject and about my knowledge of the information. Second, you knowing what you need to do does mean you know how to do this for your specific business needs. Putting those together will hopefully illuminate for you why you need to hire me as your lawyer and as your lawyer I will not need to waste your time educating you about whatever needs to be done. Lastly, some resources may lead you to a profitable market area. Even if you do not hire me as your lawyer, I have improved the economy around me and that will benefit all of us eventually.

Dumb Little Man blog from Inter Alia. Dumb Little Man is about productivity tips, saving money, and maybe just keeping its readers sane. I like the style, not sure a lot of it I can use, but what I can use is great. I subscribed to the RSS feed.

At Dumb Little Man, I found this post, 13 Government Resources for Small Businesses. These are federal publications and only a fraction of what is out there.

For businesses writing probably does not seem as important as doing whatever it is that the business does, but how much of what a business does involve some sort of written communication? I thought about this when I ran across the Business Writing blog. Bookmark it or subscribe to the RSS feed for future reference.