Friday, May 18, 2007

The Personality Rights Database

I posted briefly on the Seventh Circuit's wiki and here is another. At first, I thought The Personality Rights Database would only provide some mildly interesting intellectual stimulation. I think it might also have some practical value, for the wiki includes privacy rights within its definition of personality rights. More importantly, the wiki includes United States law.

Not that the wiki has copious amounts of information at this point in time. It does get me thinking of applications closer to home. One thing crossed my mind was how much of a future West's Indiana Digest (and all those other digests) will have when enough enterprising attorneys join together to create wikis on an area of law. For example, what would happen if the Family Law Section of the Indiana State Bar created a wiki exploring the fullness of Indiana's family law? I do not recall writers like Dennis Kennedy using the analogy to the West Digests but I think it is one that other attorneys will understand immediately.