Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Seventh Circuit Wiki

Let me say first, I do not practice in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Secondly, this post really does not fit into any category or the purpose of this blog. Last, I think this is cool and so I am going to ignore that this really probably will be of no interest.

The Seventh Circuit has its Practitioner's Handbook on the web as a wiki. A wiki like Wikipedia. Yes, you got to be a lawyer with a good dose of geek in them to be really interested in this. I guess that might describe me to some. After all, what has the Seventh Circuit done? They have made an electronic version of their arcane procedural rules available online for the all the world in a format neutralizing that same arcana. What if the Indiana Supreme Court (which does a very good job of putting its rules online in different formats) did this for its rules?

For anyone thinking I am getting a bit arcane myself, please take a look at these articles on lawyers using wikis: