Monday, July 30, 2007

Business resource - federal taxes

I guess you could say that these are good uses of our tax dollars.

The Internal Revenue Service has its Tax Information For Businesses page. This page looks like a portal (that is a links page) for businesses wanting tax information and forms. I think three particular pages ought to have general interest. The others may be important to you because of particular interests and should still be checked out. One link of general interest leads to Small Business Products Online Ordering where you can buy IRS products for your business. One thought here - ask your accountant about these products first. The second is Small Business and Self-Employed One-Stop Resource and I think the name says it all. Lastly, I think here is one also of self-evident interest: Starting a Business.

The Indiana Department of Revenue has a links page for business-related issues here. While most times we think of taxes in terms of income taxes and thus the Internal Revenue Service, but that is not always so. Indiana businesses selling things must keep an eye on their sales taxes which are handled through the Indiana Department of Revenue.