Monday, July 16, 2007

Reading around - law, business, and technology blogs

I wish I had time to read everything that interested me. I fight to keep up with the blogs and e-mails and articles that I need to read. Here are some blogs I ran across in the recent past which I find interesting but a bit outside of my law practice at this time.

Eric Goldman's Technology & Marketing Law Blog. I think every business needs to keep an eye on technology and every business lawyer needs to keep that eye (if not both) on where law and technology intersects. Mr. Goldman's blog is that intersection of law and technology, but for me it is just a bit more directed to technology businesses and the law. Definitely a great read but not of those I am supposed to be reading to keep up with my practice areas.

Law and Technology Theory. Definitely one that does not directly aid my law practice but I am tempted to read. Tempted for no other reason than to test my understanding of what I am reading. It has not been updated in three months and gives links for those interested in the more academic reaches of the law. Here is a taste of the blog:

The first draws upon Haraway’s desire that “[a]ny interesting being in technoscience, such as a textbook, molecule, equation…can – often should – be teased open to show the sticky economic, technical, political, organic, historical, mythic and textual threads that make up its tissues.” (Haraway Modest Witness 1997: 68). While Haraway criticizes him, this seems similar to the type of sociological and historical studies by Bruno Latour, in which complex relations between “agents” - scientists, engineers, corporate leaders, government officers, political, social and cultural events and concerns of the time, and the very machines that scientists and engineers use -interrelate in any technoscientific endeavor. This body of research suggests an approach to law and technology that undertakes detailed examinations of the networks at play behind, not just technological change, but legal responses to technological change. has the subtitle of "an analysis of law, technology, economics, and policy." The blog gives an Australian perspective on law and technology because it is an Australian blog. The topics cover some of the same territory as Eric Goldman's blog and has a similar interest to me but with the added flavor of a foreign viewpoint. Remember folks, this is a global economy. I also want to give the people running this blog a compliment for a group blog without much of a mess.

Conglomerate. Back to the States for another group blog without mess. This time business law professor types. Good writing but aimed at a different kind of practice than mine is nowadays.

Finally, a blog that I have only skimmed: Truth on the Market. It describes itself as " Academic commentary on law, business, economics and more."