Friday, August 31, 2007

Business blogs

I do read business related blogs. After all, I am also in business. I want to pass along what I find useful or interesting. I figure that if you find the business information helpful then you will take a look at the legal information. I also hope that the information creates a stronger business for you. With a stronger business, the more need for a lawyer.

MSNBC has a rather lively business blog, YOUR BIZ. What I like is it has a good tone - no business professor lecturing - and it is directly targeted towards small businesses. Here are the recent posts as of today:

I think the Internet can do one thing very well if we know how to use it. That thing is getting us together with like-minded people from different places. We learn there are others like us out there doing what we want to do or what we are doing. Then it lets us communicate with those people. I think anyone who is wanting to start their own business, is starting their own business or has their own business can learn something at The Indie Business Blog. I cannot copy and past their latest posts, but I do suggest this as a good start: The Power Of One.