Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday humor: business branding

From Name Wire: The Product Naming Blog comes Company Naming That Is As Funny as It Wants to Be:

There are many company names that are funny without really meaning to be, for example STD Contractors, the WTF Group, or Phag.

Some restaurants also just seem to create unintentionally memorable names, such as the House of Hung or Yuki Sushi. Boring Business Systems is another name that is kind of, you know, boring.


On the other hand, Raymond Lawrence has an excellent post up about funny business names that work. Nerds ToGo, Pet Butler, Boneheads and College Hunks Hauling Junk are all on the crazy side but they get the service message across. Brick Kicker gives pizzazz to a home inspection business, and FunBus is a better service offering than "livery service."

I will suggest that some of the poorer business brands may be due to an interaction between the trademark office and the imagination of the business owners.