Friday, October 12, 2007

I like Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares - two words I did not expect to write here. Any more than I expected to write Gordon Ramsay. Bear with me, I think the show has something to teach any business owner.

See, the wife got us digital cable for our anniversary and that package included BBC America. BBC America carries Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares which I found by accident. The bleeping caught my attention. I am anything but a fan of reality shows but this show is truly a reality show. It is not about cooking but about the business of running restaurant. As I watched it, I realized that there was some pretty sound advice being given here.

I can help businesses with the legal side of things - forming the business as a corporation or limited liability company, dealing with contracts, collection, and so on - but I cannot keep the business running on its own. I see many potential business owners come through my office with romantic dreams of self-employment. Many possess good ideas and some even great ideas. Not all can get the business off the ground and of those who get the business started cannot keep it running. I suggest anyone wanting to open a business to watch this show. See how much work it takes to make a business flourish.

I guess there may be an American version of the show, too. The Boston Globe reviewed what sounds like a similar but different show. The BBC show has the bleeping but a follow up is included at the end of each show. Not every restaurant survives even after a visit from Ramsay. I say that truly is reality.