Saturday, October 20, 2007

Licensing or Franchising?

For those thinking of franchising or licensing, Is Licensing a Viable Option Rather Than Franchising? from Rush on Business needs read.

The article discusses how Dawn and Kristen were presented an opportunity to offer a license of their recipes, Web site and logo. In these particular circumstances we were able to craft an agreement which provided them the opportunity to expand their reach beyond the single location but without all the hassles and expense of a franchise.

"So is licensing a viable option for businesses looking to expand rather than franchising in all circumstances? Absolutely not. Whether or not licensing is right for you is completely dependent upon the facts and circumstances of your own individual situation. (See Don't Let Your Distribution or Licensing Agreement Become an Inadvertent Franchise)."
If you are in Indiana, have similar ideas and need legal counsel, please give me a call.