Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Reading around: Franchise Broker Blogs

Some reached this blog with a search about franchise broker blogs. That inspired this post. Since I had posted about franchise brokers (see Franchise brokers), I went to Google to see what "franchise broker blogs" turned up. Here are the results.

The Bristol Group has Brokers Blog. However, the latest post is Why Buy an Existing Business from March 23, 2007.

"With so many options - startups, franchises, home-based businesses, and multi level marketing - this is a question worth considering. There are several reasons why buying an existing business or franchise resale will increase your chances for success."

AllBusiness.com has The Rewards of Being a Franchise Consultant on its Franchise Blog.
As a "fee for service" franchise consultant, as opposed to a franchise broker who sells franchises, I am equally rewarded by assisting business owners seeking to franchise a business and providing franchise due diligence services for those seriously considering the purchase of a franchise.
Franchise Blog has a post about a franchise broker becoming a franchisee in New Franchise Opportunity in Phoenix Market Promises Great Profits and a Whole Lot of Fun:
"In his business as a franchise broker for the FranNet of Phoenix, Franchise Resource Company, Kent Craven helps people find and invest in franchise businesses that fit their lifestyle."
The person writing MyBizBroker Blog is a business broker. Franchising brokering might not be a main topic here but I still suggest bookmarking or adding the RSS feed to your collection. The blog has some very good information on start ups and business in general. (So it is off the topic of the subject line, so it goes with me.) Also, it is updated fairly regularly. Tools is a good example:
Business Owner’s Toolkit TM is a comprehensive guide for small business owners to help them start, run and grow their new ventures. This guide provides 5,000 pages of detailed information about all aspects of running a business. It provides guidance for creating a business plan; obtaining financing; hiring and managing employees; product marketing; and numerous other essential topics critical to the success of a small business owner.
Another blog trending away from the subject of the title is Franchise Pundit. I do not see posts like Tools directly above, but I see a lot of relevant news and trenchant commentary (no long posts like here).