Friday, November 16, 2007

Foreclosures Down in East Central Indiana

So reports the Muncie Star-Press: Foreclosures in Delaware County appear to be decreasing.

RealtyTrac reported Wednesday that 120 Delaware County properties were in some stage of the foreclosure process, compared to 446 in June.

Foreclosure numbers were also down in Madison County -- 715 compared to 2,245 in June -- and in Grant County -- 175 compared to 273 in June.

However, I think the number of sheriff's sales may be more telling:

Not every indicator of local foreclosure activity was showing improvement. The Delaware County sheriff's department, which oversees sales of foreclosed properties, has not seen a decrease.

"It hasn't slacked off at all," said Lisa Scroggins, the sheriff's department office manager who oversees foreclosure sales.

Scroggins noted that the sheriff's office has scheduled 702 sales this year, a small increase over the 698 scheduled last year.

But Scroggins noted that sales of another 82 properties are waiting to be set in 2008.