Saturday, December 29, 2007

Business blog round up: Blogs for Small Business

Thanks to for this collection. I must admit that I found the following links from Here is a good rule for searching online: if the site is good, then the site it links to ought to be just as good. is good and so are the sites it links to.

I notice that Rush Nigut of Rush On Business is a contributor to the IowaBiz, and I think highly of his blog. Lots of good stuff on IowaBiZ and the following blogs, too much to easily or even properly summarize. Check these sites out if you have a small business. From what I see, these can be very useful to any small business owner.

Small Business Tips seems to be more about online marketing and branding tips. The Internet is not just the future but also the present, check it out folks.

Business Pundit - I swear I wish I had this cheeky style instead the pedantic tone I hear. Just warning you that I find it interesting to read because it combines good information with a good writing style.

Small Biz Survival
which describes itself as "By and for small business people in rural areas and small towns".

Small Business CEO:

Social Networking for Business
Are you looking to dive-in to the social networking world for your business but you want to find a service that is ALL business?

Then you should check out Fastpitch. I have been a member for awhile now and am continually impressed with the continuous stream of new features, functions and services they are bringing to members.

Small Business Branding:

By the end of THIS week, identify the one thing you could do that would have the most significant long-term impact on your business in 2008. Is it finally defining and knowing your brand? Is it creating a customer retention program? It is launching a new initiative? Whatever it is — commit to getting it done.
  • Write a very simple outline of what steps needs to get done
  • Create a calendar that corresponds to your outline
  • Be accountable. Tell your team your boss, your customers…whoever you know will hold you accountable to getting it done.

Then, roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Do not ignore this one. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel once you get this major goal accomplished!

Business Daily News is pretty much what it says and covers a bit of territory that is not strictly business. However, it is a good looking WordPress site and pretty well written.