Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Quiz for Business Owners - Do You Like Dealing with the IRS?

Well, do you like an up close and personal meeting with the Internal Revenue Service?

Or the Indiana Secretary of State?

Or any other government agency that has the ability to shut down your business, if not also seek a criminal conviction?

If the answer to those question is NO, please go to the next question:

How much do you involve your lawyer into your business decisions?

Or do you wait till the horse manure has hit the fan before you start yelling for a lawyer?

Why business people do not involve their attorney in business decisions has puzzled me for over twenty years. Another puzzler is those who do not have a lawyer for their businesses.

Yesterday, I spoke with a client whose employer is getting some very personal attention from a government agency. Seems that the employer classified its people as subcontractors and the government agency wants to make sure of the classification. Now, I have been telling my business clients for years that the IRS targets businesses classifying employees as independent contractors. Hearing that a company has done this and received the government agency's attention, my first reaction was - "What kind of idiot is running this place?" Obviously someone without an attorney.

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