Sunday, December 2, 2007

Reading Around the Blogs

I envy Your Name Is My Business from Anthony J. Tambourino. I wish I could be as succinct and lively. Mr. Tambourino describes his blog as musings on Trademark, Copyright, Business and other legal matters.

On the other hand, Ideoblog has things to say about business but a bit more and maybe at a level that is not so practical. Lot of fun to read, though. It bills itself as "A blog about ideas." It has them and they worth reading and thinking about.

I was checking up on Deliberations when I learned about Mortgage Meltdown in the post Welcome, Mortgage Meltdown Blog. This is the is the first blog I have seen on the subprime mess. I think this one will be seeing a lot of traffic over the next year.

I have not checked out a few blogs for a while. One of these is the Texas Non-Compete Blog. Considering how often I have been writing about the problems of hiring employees from competitors (See here and here), I think Texas Trade Secret Law: When Your New Employee Knows Too Much has sound advice. One caveat: what works in one state may not have the same result in another and I know of no Indiana case with the same facts as these. However, I would not mind trying a case where the new employer used this strategy.

Dean Hanley writes about employment law from a slightly different perspective in his Alaska Employment Law. I only had a chance to skim and I see some things I want to go back and check out.

Another blog I have not read lately is Arkansas Business Litigation Lawyer & Attorney. Looks like they have been having some "fun" trademark cases in Arkansas.

Binary Law Blog writes about law in the digital age. I admit lawyers might find this more interesting - if they have interest in high tech. I think anyone who wants to know more about the intersection of law and high tech will have a good time.