Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Why do you need a lawyer for your business?

Technobabble answers that question quite well with http://lawenforcementweb.info/2007/12/09/legal-assistance-ways-in-which-lawyers-can-help-your-business/.

With this blog getting few comments, I am left wondering what are the reactions to non-lawyers to this kind of post. I admit to some self-serving marketing of my services but even more than that is a lot of venting on my part. Venting? Yes, I get to vent my frustration towards business owners who prefer to wait till a complaint and summons lands on their desks before consulting a lawyer. Litigation costs more in money, time, and nerves than having a lawyer who they can talk to and who talks to them. For twenty years I have dealt with area businesses but I have never been able to convince of the benefits of getting a lawyer on board early in the business' life or of keeping one. By the time I saw them for a litigation matter, the majority were on the slide to failure. That concludes my rant for the day.

Go read the article at Technobabble, realize that it is not written by a lawyer, but this lawyer thinks it has a lot of good sense. Call me f you have an Indiana business or are starting up an Indiana business, and want to discuss this subject further.