Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Alcohlic Beverages: Blogs and News on Interstate Shipping

I noticed A Befuddlement of Liquor Laws published by The New York Times. I have had no time to notice if Indiana's General Assembly has any legislation pending regarding interstate sales, but the Times article s provides a tantalizing glimpse of legislation elsewhere:

Of course, retailers are not calling for the end of regulation. They want regulated interstate shipping, as in Virginia, which now issues licenses to out-of-state retailers, who collect and pay sales tax to Virginia. Washington State is considering a similar bill, which would permit consumers to make legal purchases from an out-of-state retailer.

“It’s very difficult if not impossible to enforce compliance off the Internet,” said Rick Garza, deputy director of the Washington Liquor Control Board. “We know it happens, so creating a license for it, and permits and requirements is probably the best course, rather than ignoring it.”

Checking in at Wineries of Indiana shows nothing about any new legislation.

New Day Meadery of Elwood has a page for its direct shipping customers here. I did not have time to check on how other Indiana wineries handle direct shipping on their web pages.

For those wanting more on direct shipping will want to read ShipCompliant Blog ShipCompliant: Wine Shipping Blog.