Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Round Up of Whistleblower Law Blogs

Following up here on my Whistleblower Law Blog and Medicare Fraud, is this collection of law blogs writing about whistleblowers. This collection does not necessarily collect all the blogs - the Internet is too big for that - but is my stab at getting as many as I can. Secondly, do not take my list as indicating a pecking order or a ranking of quality. The order indicates nothing more than the order I came to the blog. I include only those I think are worth reading and that worth is a combination of information and presentation.

  1. Whistleblower Law Blog: I wrote about this before (see the article noted above). Stil doing a good job of collecting the news about whistleblower cases and legislation. Be sure to use the topical listing of articles (a good tip for anyone reading of these blogs - including this one!).
  2. Health Care Fraud Blog: This one almost missed the cut. No updates since October of last year but the writer appears to be another solo attorney, so he squeaked in. He also covers a broader range of topics that includes criminal matters.
  3. PharmaFraud Blog: also covers a wider range than only whistleblower law. Warning: the posts are long. However, as one who remembers the Tylenol scare of twenty some years ago,I found it interesting.
  4. Whistleblower Lawyer Blog: As with Whistleblower Law Blog, this blog collects new about whistleblower litigation and legislation. Again, take a good look at the subject archives. Two things I like: 1) the article IRS Tax Whistleblowers & False Claims Act Qui Tam Cases--2007 Year in Review by Whistleblower Lawyer Blog, and 2) how the site provides a link to a page explaining the law, The False Claims Act—What Is It?.