Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Flu Struck Home

For anyone following this blog, you have my apologies. After the wife had had the flu for a week and I felt fine, I assumed she had something else. Wrong. It was nice enough to wait till I had had my birthday on the 27th. I have experienced the full range of symptoms since Thursday and I can say none were very fun. I made an attempt to read my e-mail yesterday but that was mind numbingly slow going. This morning, I feel drained but that is about all. Miserableness. That word describes the past four days. At one point, I thought about how all those people died in 1919 and I thought what a miserable way to die. Things will be slow here over the next week. Work has piled up, telephone calls need returned, and writing here must take less precedence. Please, bear with me for the next week.