Friday, March 28, 2008

Tips on Avoiding Employment Law Suits

Rush Nigut published a very good post, .300 Won't Get You Into the Employment Law Hall of Fame, for employers wanting to avoid employment law suits. I suggest going over to Rush on Business and read the parts of the post I do not quote below. It also has some good points for those employees thinking of suing their employers.

Meanwhile, employers think about this:

But fortunately there are things an employer can do to increase their chances to win and/or avoid lawsuits. Jon Hyman offers several suggestions for the proactive employer:

  1. Review and update handbooks, policy manuals and forms;
  2. Implement a document retention and destruction policy;
  3. Implement a harassment training program;
  4. Audit job descriptions and employee classification for wage and hour compliance;
  5. Properly document all performance problems.