Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Franchising: Evaluating a Franchisor

Rush Nigut has another good franchising post, Evaluate the Strength of a Franchisor, which comments on Evaluate the Strength of Your Franchisor Before Signing On from First Prize Franchise.

I, too, commend the original article to any potential franchisee. However, I think Mr. Nigut does a great job condensing everything written about the dangers and risks of franchising for franchisees:

One critical aspect to consider in my view is the brand itself. Is the brand recognizable? If not, the franchise better have a fantastic system, unique concept or protected intellectual property. Otherwise, I think you need to question whether the franchise is right for you.
If you would not spend your money at the franchise, why should anyone else?

And, yes, I know I said was cutting out the franchise articles but this was too good not to pass along.