Thursday, May 22, 2008

Collections: Fraudulent Transfers, New Case from the Indiana Court of Appeals

The Indiana Court of Appeals held in Hoesman v. Sheffler (pdf) format that a debtor is not a necessary party to a fraudulent transfer suit (pages 8 -9). Hoesman involves a trustee converting money in a trust. Those thinking of a trust with a relative should read this case. Cases like Hoesman are why I recommend an institution instead of an individual as trustee.

The Court of Appeals also discusses the issue of getting value for an alleged fraudulent transfer (pages 10- 12) and the "badges of fraud" (pages 12 - 15). Reading the discussion at page 10 -12 about good faith purchasers, I am of the opinion that this case will bear directly on Indiana's assignment for benefit of creditors statute.

The opinion also discusses IC 30-4-3-22(c) and the priority of liens.