Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Employment Law for Businesses: FirstStep Recordkeeping, Reporting and Notices elaws

The federal Department of Labor put a big effort into publiczing its FirstStep Recordkeeping, Reporting and Notices elaws.

First, a press release (U.S. Department of Labor releases new “elaws” tool to help employers comply with recordkeeping, reporting and notice requirements) with the following:

The new FirstStep Recordkeeping, Reporting and Notices elaws Advisor has been integrated into a FirstStep suite of advisors that also includes the revised and expanded FirstStep Poster Advisor and FirstStep Employment Law Overview Advisor.

"These Internet tools will make it easier for small business employers to learn about and comply with the federal laws that apply to them," said Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao.

The elaws advisors are free, Web-based tools designed to help employers and workers understand the department's major employment laws. By asking a series of questions, the advisors simulate a conversation with a Department of Labor expert and guide users to customized information explaining the requirements of each law.

Then, the FirstStep Employment Law Advisor which has three parts:

This Advisor provides three basic starting points depending on your interests and needs:

The federal DOL also has the Compliance Assistance - News Room.