Monday, May 5, 2008

Indiana Business Opportunity Transactions Act

For those buying or leasing goods from another to start a business, take a look at Indiana's Business Opportunity Transactions Act. The statute came to my attention when I found online a complaint filed by Indiana's Attorney General. The complaint is to be found here.

I have taken the liberty of quoting the most pertinent parts of the definition for "Business opportunity":

(1) involves the sale or lease or offer to sell or lease any goods or services to an investor that are to be used by the investor in beginning or operating a business;
(2) involves an initial payment by the investor of more than five hundred dollars ($500) and an initial cash payment of less than fifty thousand dollars ($50,000); and
(3) involves a solicitation of investors in which the seller represents that:
(A) the investor may or will earn an amount in excess of the initial payment as a result of the investment;
(B) a market exists for any goods to be made or services to be rendered by the investor;
(C) the seller may buy from the investor any goods to be made or services to be rendered by the investor;
(D) the seller or a person referred by the seller to the investor may or will sell, lease, or distribute the goods made or services rendered by the investor; or
(E) the seller may or will pay to the investor the difference between the initial payment and the investor's earnings from the investment.
Businesses can face felony charges, a civil suit, an action by the Attorney General or all of the above.