Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Indiana Funeral Home and Cemetary Law Wiki

While not yet ready for public display, I decided about six weeks ago to work on a special project involving Indiana's law on funeral homes, cemeteries, and related subjects.

Why a wiki? Because unlike this blog, a wiki is meant for collaboration. Binary Law's Blogs vs wikis for an explanation of the uses of a wiki versus a blog. For more of an explanation what is a wiki there is Video: Wikis in Plain English or this Wikipedia entry.

Being meant for collaboration requires collaborators. I invite any Indiana lawyers representing funeral directors or funeral homes or cemeteries to send me an e-mail - if they want more information. For those wanting to a very rough draft of a work in progress, click here.

Any further writing by me about the law of funeral homes, cemeteries, and related subjects will take place there and not here. This is also the start of my reshaping this blog to fit a bit better my current practice and provide a bit more of a focus to the blog itself.