Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Employment Law Blog: Quirky Questions - Real-Life Employment Blog

While this particular blog focuses on Minnesota employment law, I like it. Written by Roy A. Ginsburg of Dorsey & Whitney, you got to like something named Quirky Questions - Real-Life Employment Blog. The blog describes itself as follows:

"Nearly every day, executives and managers, and the Human Resources personnel who work with them, are confronted with unanticipated questions regarding the workforce. Just when they think they have 'seen it all,' along comes a new and often stranger scenario involving an odd twist to an area they thought they fully understood. Whether the situations involve sexual harassment, disability issues, leave questions, compensation inquiries, or a myriad of other issues, managers and executives often find themselves back at square one when trying to construct an appropriate response and devise a creative solution to the problem presented. Sometimes these 'Quirky Questions' can be resolved easily; other times, they implicate issues (both legal and practical) that are not immediately apparent."