Monday, June 23, 2008

Updates on The Blog

Long term readers might notice some changes made over the past few days. Those who are new, please take a look around. My goal here was to share as much legal information as possible.

First, the look got changed more by accident than by design. Blogger added the capability to add blog feeds instead of just links. Adding this feature drove the current changes to the blog.

You will find blog feeds on the right side of the screen. They are also divided into subject: My General Business Law Blog List, My Employment Law Blog List, My Consumer Law and Consumer Bankruptcy Blog List, and My Blog List For Law Practice Blogs. It might be a bit confusing to read - blog titles are lighter than the headline for the blog post - but you can see the latest post title on the other blog and with a mouse click be there reading the post.

You will find under Other Blogs and Web Pages of Interest those blogs that did not fit into these categories or whose feeds Blogger rejected, and you will also find links to ordinary web pages.

I know of one or two blogs that I need to add and so check back.

I also took the time to organize the Indiana resources into one section: Indiana Legal Resources: Web Pages and Blogs. Not the catchiest of titles but I figure it makes it up in being obvious. This section more than the others needs to be expanded and will be over the next few weeks.

If this does help in finding relevant legal information or if it is just a mess, please let me know.

A postscript of sorts, some other changes coming to this blog: There will be a huge overhaul of the the subject index. I cannot find another way to do it but to cut out the entire index and work it back in. I think that will be my Fourth of July holiday. There will also be a move of some of my topics to another blog altogether leaving this blog's core interest of being business start ups and starting, finally, the Indiana Business Competition Blog.