Friday, July 18, 2008

Estate Planning for All Ages

I have tried to convince many people that they need a Will (at least) for more years than I care to admit without much success. Now, I would suggest they take a look at CareGuide's

What Kind of Estate Plan Is Right for You?:
We've sorted our tips into broad categories of family situation and age. As they say, check all that apply. But keep in mind that age is an imprecise proxy for life expectancy, which is affected by all sorts of other factors--heavy smoking while participating in extreme sports and driving a motorcycle, for example. It's up to you to add or subtract a few years, based on your health and lifestyle.
The categories are:
You're 25 and Single
You're Paired Up, But Not Married
You Have Young Children
You're Middle-Aged and Know the Names of at Least Three Mutual Funds
You're Elderly or Ill.
Nothing at all wrong with their categories - quite a sensible grouping. That estate planning changes with time is quite correct. Please give me a call, if you would like to schedule an appointment to talk about estate planning.