Saturday, July 19, 2008

Online Resource for Indiana Businesses: 21st Century Fund - Home

How many business owners know of Indiana's 21st Century Fund? That you do not may say more about the agency than you. If you are looking at starting a high tech business, then you really should check out this agency:

"The Indiana 21st Century Research and Technology Fund was created in 1999 by the General Assembly to stimulate the process of diversifying the State's economy by developing and commercializing advanced technologies in Indiana. The Fund is now an integral element of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation’s Small Business and Entrepreneurship Division."
Another help for businesses from Indiana's government is Ball State University. Ball State?Yes, the teacher's college aggressively pursued high tech and business and has Ball State University - Assisting Businesses:
Assisting businesses supports both our mission of community outreach and our dedication to providing educational programs and projects. Businesses benefit through consulting provided by students and summer internships, while students gain hands-on experience outside of the classroom.
The school has an online form for businesses looking for assistance.

Ball State's business school will probably remain in the shadow of Indiana University's Kelley School of Business. As a BSU alum, I am not sure that is right but I can deal with it. Meanwhile, IU has a page of Entrepreneur Resources:
"How to Start a Company The Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurial interests, and to providing information and resources to realize this goal. The online resources listed below are available to those wishing to start up new ventures.

A business plan has three primary functions:

* To determine the viability of a business
* As an instrument for management
* To raise capital

The business plan is both a written summary of your projection for the business and a marketing document intended to attract prospective investors. It should talk about your objectives for the company and how your resources are going to work to assist you in meeting those objectives.

The business plan is extremely vital to each start-up activity and should be maintained and updated on a regular basis. It will aid you in identifying the competitive environment that you will need to operate in for your business to be successful. Furthermore, it will develop your overall ability to manage your business."
I could say that IU is feeling the heat from Muncie but I will not. It really does not matter for the goal of both schools is to help Indiana businesses. I suggest you who are starting a new business or are looking for help with an existing business take them up with their offers to help.