Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Importance of Protecting Domain Names

Traverse Legal Blog makes a very good point in its Lawyers Protect Brands & Trademarks In Cyberspace. Call this another example of preventive law or how lawyers can protect a business on a front unknown to the business owner.

"Matt Asay for Cnet published an article called “Ten things the world can learn from open source “. It is simply a great read for any business owner and additionally, there’s a domain related angle which should be added here.

'A business’ brand is its greatest asset in driving sales. Not its IP. Not its sales team. Brand. Brand is what gives a customer trust that the product (and service behind it) is worth buying, even when another product is cheaper, easier, etc. Vendors need to invest heavily in their brands (through public relations, for example), and it’s the primary area that lawyers become supremely helpful, i.e., through trademark law. A brand should be earned and protected at all costs.'
I also suggest reading Protecting Your Trademark is Protecting Your Goodwill