Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Legal & Litigation Software Reviews from 3rd Party Sources

Legal & Litigation Software Reviews from 3rd Party Sources is probably more for the lawyers in the crowd but I offer it for your consideration anyway:

"Welcome to LitiReviews, the largest collection of free legal and litigation software reviews on the web. All reviews (100+) are full-text, and have been published in legal magazines, journals, websites and blogs. LitiReview links to copies of reviews available on the internet, or hosted by us at the author's request."
This from the "About" page:

LitiReviews is a free collection of recent third party reviews of litigation and other legal software of interest to lawyers, paralegals, litigation support professinals and consultants, IT professionals and consultants, and others involved in legal or litigation practice, or litigation support. These reivews are drawn from independent sources and do not include vendor white papers or other internal reports. LitiReviews is the largest collection of free 3rd party litigation and legal software reviews on the Internet. LitiReviews gathers summaries of and links to these reviews and organizes them into an easy to use searchable collection. We include the software reviewed, review title, review author, a summary of the findings or conclusions, the publication, and year published. LitiReviews is text-searchable to allow users to find articles by applicable keywords. Reviews are all available free in full-text.
The site has a newsletter and a RSS feed.

From what I have seen this is an impressive site. Reminds me how much I miss the late Law Office Computing magazine.