Monday, October 13, 2008

The Bailout Legislation Needs Whistle-Blower Protection

Whistleblower Law Blog published Whistle-Blower Protection in Bailout Legislation before the bailout bill was passed and I probably need to see if there is an update on this Meanwhile, consider this when you think of what value there is in whistleblowers:

"Yesterday, Joe Davidson, wrote a great article Groups Seek Whistle-Blower Protection in Bailout Legislation for the Washington Post summing up how important it is for Whistleblower Protection to be considered in this bailout legislation. A letter from 40 organizations was sent to several Senate Committees urging members to include key whistleblower protection in the bailout legislation. This could be a coup for whistleblowers if the language on whistleblower protections are included in the bailout legislation."


I encourage to read the blog post by Dylan Blaylock and Axel V. Sabersky of the GAP - All things Whistleblower Blog. They give some interesting Commentary on the subject matter of Whistleblower legislation and the bailout proposal. According to Axel, "All new laws proposed by Congress lack provisions to guarantee jury trials to whistleblowers, which is a protected right written in Amendment VII of the Constitution". It is a sad day, when our rights to a trial are taken away from us, especially in issues relating to fraud against our government... I hope that the American Public wakes up and let their voice be heard, that whistleblower protections are critical. Especially, if we want to hold corporations, Government Agencies and individuals accountable.

I also suggest reading Whistleblower Rights in Bailout Bill referenced in the last paragraph above.