Friday, October 10, 2008

Now the RIAA Goes After a. Lawyer

From The ABA Journal - Law News Now comes RIAA Seeks Sanctions for N.Y. Lawyer’s ‘Vexatious’ Blog Posts of Case Filings:

"A lawyer who is known for defending individuals accused of peer-to-peer sharing of copyrighted works over the Internet is now on the hot seat himself.

The Recording Industry Association of America is seeking sanctions against attorney Ray Beckerman in a federal court case in New York, claiming that he has engaged in "obstructionist tactics" and provided "misinformation." Its filing is based in part on Beckerman's postings on his blog, Recording Industry vs The People, explains Legal Blog Watch.


The Legal Blog Watch post is based an earlier post on Wired magazine's Threat Level blog about RIAA's claims that Beckerman engaged in "vexatious" litigation tactics.

Wired provides a copy of the 31-page motion motion (PDF), which was filed for RIAA by attorneys Victor Kao of Robinson & Cole, in New York, and Eve Burton of Holme Roberts & Owen, in Denver.