Saturday, November 29, 2008

Federal Trade Commission exploring the evolving market for intellectual property

That is what I get out of this notice from the GPO under FR Doc E8-27673. Not that I can be there but surely this deserves some attention. Do mortgage derivatives come under intellectual property? (Pardon my sarcasm). Being deadly serious: intellectual property underlies all that tangible property we sell to ourselves and to other companies. Protecting this property, bringing its rules into the Twenty-first Century is very important stuff.

SUMMARY: The Federal Trade Commission will hold a series of public hearings beginning on December 5, 2008, in Washington, D.C., to explore the evolving market for intellectual property (IP). The hearings will examine changes in intellectual property law, patent-related business models, and new learning regarding the operation of the IP marketplace since the FTC issued its October 2003 report, To Promote Innovation: The Proper Balance of Competition and Patent Law and Policy (the FTC IP Report).\1\ Changes and proposed changes in the law, together with evolving business models for buying, selling and licensing IP, could significantly influence a patent's economic value and the operation of the IP marketplace. The hearings will consider the impact of these changes on innovation, competition and consumer welfare. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- \1\ Federal Trade Commission, To Promote Innovation: The Proper Balance of Competition and Patent Law and Policy (October 2003), available at ( (``IP Report''). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Commission seeks the views of the legal, academic, and business communities on the issues to be explored at the hearings. This notice poses a series of questions relevant to those issues on which the Commission seeks comment. Each hearing will be transcribed. The transcript and any written comments received will be placed on the public record. DATES: The first hearing will be held December 5, 2008, in the Conference Center of the FTC office building at 601 New Jersey Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. All interested parties are welcome to attend. An agenda for that hearing will be posted on the FTC's website, The Commission may hold [[Page 70646]] subsequent hearings in Washington, D.C. and other locations. Prior to each hearing, the Commission will publish an agenda on its website. ADDRESSES: Any interested person may submit written comments responsive to any of the topics identified in this Federal Register notice or in any subsequent announcement related to hearings on the Evolving IP Marketplace. Respondents are encouraged to provide comments as soon as possible, but no later than February 5, 2009. The FTC will only accept comments submitted by weblink or in hard copy format. Information about how to submit comments will be posted on the website for the hearings, accessible at (