Thursday, July 2, 2009

Got an EEOC Mediation in Your Future?

Then give's 10-Plus Tips for Succeeding in an EEOC Mediation: Part One a read:

...A simmering-pot is a person whose resentment is at a low boil. Simmering-pot employees have turned off, left the organization prematurely, sabotaged their companies or gone out on extended stress leaves. Some of these pots, if left unattended, will become the people who file charges with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, alleging discrimination. The best goal for your organization is to stay out of the EEOC process, and mediation can help you do that. But if a charge has been filed and you’re before the EEOC, consider these tips on how to prepare for success in a mediation. In part two of this article, I’ll suggest some tips for the EEOC mediation itself, as well as some ideas for steering clear of problems in the future.

Tip One: Don’t ignore the simmering pot.
Tip Two: Honestly ask yourself whether you really have a workplace
dispute ‘covered.’
Tip Three: Consider hiring a neutral third-party mediator
to work through the issues.
Tip Four: Understand that EEOC mediators want the employer
to bring a substantive offer to the table.
Tip Five: Consider whether to bring counsel to the mediation.