Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lucky Not to Sell Alcohol in Scotland

I freely admit a bias: the spirits trade bring out the silliest in government regulation. THE FIRM's More tea, vicar? provides a Scottish example:

"Those of you involved in advising licensees will know that there are very strict new regulations governing the display of alcohol in off sales premises to prevent alcohol harm. Alcohol is to be recognised as a special product and not normal goods. Vicky believes that if alcohol is displayed with other goods we will be more tempted to buy it and abuse the product. Indeed one supermarket had alcohol on display in at least 10 places. Golly! The new rules are that alcohol can only be displayed in 2 locations in any store. One behind the counter (difficult if you have a central till) and the other to be a defined area approved by the local licensing board. It is not to be sold alongside other goods. With this in mind we start our story."