Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Indiana and Small Businesses

Just some news and statistics from the SBA (the tables did not come through) but I doubt that the numbers will bear today's reality:

Indiana's 483,848 small businesses provide
economic opportunities to diverse groups of
people and bring innovative products and
services to the marketplace.* This profile from
the Office of Advocacy compiles the latest
facts and figures on the status and role of
small business in the state. (Note that a small
business is defined here as one with fewer
than 500 employees.)
• Indiana had 115,275 small employers in
2006, representing 97.6% of the state’s
employers and 48.6% of its private-sector
• The manufacturing industry was the state’s
largest small business and overall employer in
2006 (Table 1).
• Small businesses created 38.8% of the state's
net new jobs from 2004 to 2005 (Table 2).
• Indiana's real gross state product increased
by 0.3% in 2007. By comparison, growth in
the Great Lakes regon was 0.5% and the
United States, 2.0%. (Source: U.S. Dept. of
Commerce: Bureau of Economic Analysis)
For Further Information
• Data on all the states and territories is available
at www.sba.gov/advo/research/profiles.
• For other small business data and analysis, visit
www.sba.gov/advo/research, call (202) 205-6533,
or email advocacy@sba.gov.
• To learn about state efforts to adopt or
implement regulatory flexibility, visit
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listservs for Advocacy’s newsletter, press releases,
regulatory news and research reports.
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* The number of small businesses is the number of small
employers plus the number of nonemployers in 2006.