Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day and Goofing a Bit

After hazarding the streets of Anderson at 6:00 am with the wife's Ford Focus and my rather long post on Preventive Law, I thought why not goof off a bit by blogging about blogs. Beats going outside again.

First, the American Bar Association announced its best blawgs earlier this month (I hate using blawgs to describe law related blogs but the ABA uses the term....). No, this blog did not make the cut. In the words of John Wayne and Buddy Holly, that will be the day.

The Blawg 100 | ABA Journal - Law News Now
On our second annual list of the best legal blogs, just half of last year’s honorees make a return appearance.

What explains the high turnover? For one thing, every day new legal blogs are started, and some existing blogs—including some that appeared on last year’s list—cease to be updated regularly. Plus, some of the upstart blogs are just plain better than some that made the cut last year.

Go see the whole list.

Meanwhile, Law Firm Web Strategy noted that the Canadians have their beauty contest; 2008 CLawBies: The Acceptance Speeches
No tears at this awards ceremony… only surprise and thanks! Here are some of the responses from the winners and runners up of the 2008 CLawBies:

* Jordan Furlong (Law21)
* Canadian Trademark Blog
* Dan Michaluk (All about Information)
* Michael Fitzgibbon (Thoughts from a Management Lawyer)
* Donna Seale (Human Rights in the Workplace)
* Law is Cool
* Doug Cornelius (KM Space)
* Charon QC
* Dave Bilinski (Thoughtful Legal Management)
* Edmonton Law Libraries Association Blog
* Ian Doorey (Doorey’s Workplace Law Blog)
* Ontario Condo Law Blog
* Laurie Mapp (Halo Secretarial Services)
But over at the 2008 Weblog Awards site, the best legal website is Volokh Conspiracy.

These are beauty contests and I am no longer going to take any issue with this. Especially if it gets more people as well as more lawyers reading blogs (even this one!)

Stay warm stay dry, I am soon venturing out in the winter wonderland that is Central Indiana today.