Sunday, February 1, 2009

Decision on Ringtones and Copyrights

U.S. Copyright Office -115 Review
The Register of Copyrights has issued her decision identifying and correcting erroneous resolutions on material questions of substantive law under title 17 that underlie or are contained in the Copyright Royalty Judges' final determination regarding adjustment of reasonable rates and terms of royalty payments for the making and distribution of phonorecords of musical works, Docket No. 2006‑3 CRB DPRA, Version PDF
  • Review of Copyright Royalty Judges Determination: Notice; correction

    __ FR _______ January 26, 2009 Version: PDF

    • Register’s Request for participants' views regarding possible legal
      errors contained in the Copyright Royalty Judge's final determination
      (January 8, 2009), Version: PDF