Wednesday, February 18, 2009

YouTube Changing Copyright?

Eventually, YouTube might affect cxopyright law. I think everyone agrees the Internet has put incredible strain on copyright law. The ABA Journal - Law News Now published Copyright in the Age of YouTube which examines the issue at soem length:
"The ruling is part of a lar­g­er legal struggle over who should bear the burdens of stopping online copyright infringement. Movie companies, record companies and many other copyright owners fear that—because committing copyright infringement online is so fast and easy, and because the huge number of online infringements is skyrocketing—it is impracticable for copyright owners to stop online infringements by suing all the individual wrongdoers.

So content owners are seeking alternatives. They are trying to automate the process of removing allegedly infringing material. They are asking the courts to impose liability on YouTube and other online companies if these companies fail to vigorously police the material posted by their users. And the content owners are lobbying Congress for tougher laws against infringement."