Friday, April 10, 2009

Employment Files! Good Advice!

Employee Files- Another Reason to Put Everything in Writing… | PROVISO LAW GROUP
My friend (we’ll call her Nancy) called me the other day because she recently fired an employee (we’ll call her April) for excessive absences and the employee was filing for unemployment benefits from the State. Unemployment benefits aren’t actually paid out by an employer. The benefits are paid out by the State from unemployment insurance premiums which are collected from employment taxes. However, employer insurance premiums rise with every claim that is paid out, so it is worth it to challenge false claims for unemployment benefits.


So… the moral of the story?  Keep a file on every employee and document, document, document!  This will also help you if any employment lawsuits are filed as well…

Employers read the full post. I gave a sample to show how well written its, and it is. Even though written by a California lawyer, it is contains good practical pointers for anywhere.