Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Start ups - The Financing Side

Thinking of starting a business? Then read 7 biggest mistakes in raising startup capital. I say there are three sides to a start up: the business idea, the legalities (which is my part) and financing.

MANY FINANCING efforts fail because of some of these simple and avoidable mistakes that business owners make when pitching their ideas to potential lenders or investors, in my experience these mistakes fall into one of these categories. Poor preparation, structuring the agreement and managing the money once the deal is done.You can increase your chances of having a successful business by steering clear of these missteps, when both raising capital and keeping the money flowing. Be sure to avoid these major blunders...
Yes, things are tough right now but think about these two items: there are opportunities out there and these times will change. If you think now is the right time, then do make sure you read the above article.

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