Saturday, May 16, 2009

FTC Amends Rules on Practice

FTC Issues Final Rules Amending Parts 3 and 4 of the Agency’s Rules of Practice:

"Through the Federal Register notice announced today, the Commission has made changes to several areas of the rules. First, the amendments eliminate Rule 3.11A (Fast Track Proceedings). The Fast Track Proceedings are unnecessary because of the expedited deadlines in the new Part 3 rules.

Second, changes in Rule 3.25 clarify the procedures for the Commission to consider possible settlements while a matter is in administrative litigation.

Third, Rule 3.31(g) has been amended to be consistent with a new federal rule of evidence regarding how parties must deal with documents subject to privilege that another party claims were inadvertently produced.

Finally, amended Rule 4.2 requires a party to file a redacted public version of a petition for certain types of Commission action (such as a petition to quash a subpoena) in non-Part 3 matters if it requests confidential treatment for the petition. The rule also makes other changes that will facilitate the development of a new Commission electronic filing system for adjudicative proceedings."