Friday, July 3, 2009

Tweeting Employees?

Let us count the ways Internet access has impacts employment law: E-mail. web surfing, downloading files, and blogging. All have had their crisis moments and now Tweets Create Legal Issues for Lawyers and Employers:

By answering, in 140 characters or less, the question "What are you doing now?" corporate and professional employees "may convey proprietary information, may reveal other privileged or private information and may expose the company to claims of defamation or harassment," writes Jones Day partner Steven Bennett in a cover story for the May issue of the New York State Bar Association Journal.

The original article is here in PDF format.

Not to denigrate the problems of tweeting, but my online experience makes me think that the real problem with any such employee is a lack of common sense. That lack may create more problems for the employer than merely tweeting.