Friday, July 10, 2009

What Happens to the Business if There is a Divorce?

Consider this scenario from The Golden Scribe's Prenuptial Agreements to Protect the Family :

In a similar fashion, business partners can be protected with a prenuptial agreement. If Tom and Scott have worked over the past five years to create a successful business, and Tom is about to get married, the business and its assets can be protected by the prenuptial agreement. This not only protects Tom, but it protects Scott, as well. Without a prenuptial agreement, Tom and Scott’s business could potentially be torn apart by a divorce.
What happens to your business if this was you or a partner or other co-owner? Don't know for sure? Get yourself to a lawyer ASAP. If you are in Indiana and do not already have legal counsel, give me a call.

Oh, what if everyone is married before starting the business? Think about a post-nuptial agreement.